24 Yr OLD CRAFTER'S K1DNAP (D52-3) 1
24 Yr OLD CRAFTER'S K1DNAP (D52-3) 2
24 Yr OLD CRAFTER'S K1DNAP (D52-3) 3
24 Yr OLD CRAFTER'S K1DNAP (D52-3) 4

Perky Engle is trying out for a part in a TV soap opera. As she starts going over her lines she is grabbed from behind and tightly handgagged. Her eyes open wide as she is f0rced to tell where her money is. After telling her captor to just tie her up and put a sock in her mouth and leave her crossed wrists are then tightly tied behind her back with a thin piece of brown rawhide. Her legs and ankles are then tied together and to a chair with rope. As she starts to protest a stinky sock is stuffed deep into her mouth and she is again handgagged then cleave gagged with a thick white scarf. Good on screen tying, mouth stuffing, gagging, wide eyed protesting, mmmmmmmmmmphfing, struggling and extreme close-ups

Schlagworte: tied, gagged, bondage

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