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August 30, 2009

9:27 minutes

As cutie pie little Missy is sitting on the floor cleave gagged with on of her own stinky socks, and with her hands tied behind her back, and her legs, ankles and smelly feet and toes tightly tied together, J-napper comes up, pushes her over on her side, and hog-ties her. After some struggling around and mmmmmmmphing, he blindfolds her with a red scarf. When he takes off the blindfold he then removes her sock cleave gag, handgags her, and takes he other stinky sweaty sock and stuffs it into her mouth. He then takes the other sock again and ties it over the other smelly sock to hold it in, and keep her from spitting it out. After some more struggling and great gag sounds and mmmmmmmphing, he removes the one sock, and  pulls the other sock out of her mouth and then cleave gags her with it. Lots and lots of great beautiful wide blue eyed gag talk & mmmmmmmmmmmphing and close up shots.


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